Tips On How To Get Rid Of Migraine

Migraine isn’t just a regular headache. It triggers a very severe pain usually in the area of the temples, forehead, and eyes which can go on for hours or maybe days. Besides that, it can also trigger sensitivity towards light and sounds, fainting, vomiting, and problems with eye sight.

Women suffer from migraine much more often than men do. Kids are also affected by this severe pain. Research shows that about 5% of the kids suffer from migraine. After puberty, the migraine occurs very rottenly to girls rather than boys. The unpleasant symptoms of migraine are the reason many people cannot perform everyday tasks and that makes this problem even bigger.

  • Signs of the migraine

About 20% of people who suffer from migraine, before the first symptoms, receive a sign of the aura. They can see a light flashing, wavy lines or dots, or have blurred vision.

Some people feel a strange smell or taste, often yawn and/or feel fatigued and muscle tension.

Up to 24 hours before the onset of a migraine, some people may notice a change in mood, i.e. to become excited, agitated or depressed.

  • How to prevent the occurrence of migraine?

If you have a migraine or know a loved one who has a migraine, then you know that once the headache starts, very little of you can affect its intensity, meaning that the true proverb “better to prevent than to cure.” Here are some tips that will help prevent the occurrence of migraine:

  1. Find out what causes migraine. This is the first and best advice anyone can give you when it comes to migraine. Many fail to become under the control of the migraine only by avoiding the things that trigger it. Some people have something that causes migraine, but migraine often occurs as a result of several factors.

The most effective way to find out what causes the migraine to you is keeping a journal. Over a month, every day, write down what you ate, the weather changes, the days of your monthly cycle, your mood, daily activities and the duration and intensity of headaches.

Here are the most common causes of migraine that have entered data in your diary: consumption of aged cheese, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, citrus, dried meat or fish, onions, nuts, salty foods; dieting (skipping meals or fasting); sleep problems (too much or too little sleep); stress; depression; fatigue; intense physical activity; strong odors; loud sounds; dehydration; light (a light or a flashing light, for example in the disco); menstruation; weather.

2. Follow weather forecasts. Most people who suffer from migraine believe that certain weather conditions trigger the appearance of severe headaches. A large study last year showed that when it comes to weather changes, the temperature rise is the biggest problem. Any increase in temperature by 5 ° C increases the risk of headache for 7.5%. Other weather phenomenons that increase the chances of occurrence of migraine are strong sunlight, high humidity, strong winds, too dry air or significant change in air pressure.

Normally, you cannot control the weather, but you can take other measures to minimize the risk of migraine. When you notice the weather has changed, start to eat healthier, sleep regular 7-8 hours or more to relax.

3. Avoid foods that cause migraine. If you already have a diary, you can accurately find which foods cause migraine. Here are products that are commonly associated with the occurrence of migraine: chocolate, red wine, beer, aged cheese, avocados, ripe banana, nuts, seeds, pork or meat from deer, soy and soy foods (especially soy sauce), excessive consumption of caffeine.

4. Eat regularly. Do not skip meals and try to eat at the same time each day. Do not observe strict diets or unbalanced diet.

5. Sleep regularly for 7-8 hours. If you sleep too much or too little, then you increase the chances of occurrence of migraine. So, set your alarm clock to wake you up 7-8 hours after lying down. Also, it is important to sleep in a dark room.

6. Exercise, but do not overdo it. Regular physical activity reduces the number and intensity of the headache pain. However, one should not exaggerate and forced his body, because intense physical activity can trigger a migraine.

7. Wear sunglasses. Whether it is summer or winter, it is advisable to wear polarized sunglasses. Reflections of sunlight on water, metal, glass or snow may be causing the headache.

8. Go to massage. Although massage is not directly linked to migraine, relaxation massage relaxes the muscles and prevents from headaches caused by tension in the muscles.

  1. Lie down in a dark room. Relax in a quiet and dark room. It would be good if you can fall asleep.
  2. Put hot or cold compresses. Warm compresses to the head and neck will relax the muscles. On the other hand, cold compresses with ice to stiffen the place, so you reduce your pain.
  3. Massage the areas where you feel pain. Gently press the places where they feel pain and massage them. Ask someone to massage your shoulders and neck to reduce tension.
  4. Drink 1-2 coffees or other drinks with caffeine. Caffeine in small amounts can help when you have a migraine. But, don’t consume 4-5 coffees because it will only make the situation worse.
  5. Use essential oils. Smelling the essential oils or coating them will help you relax. Especially recommended is the oil of lavender, ginger or peppermint. They help to ease the pain.
  6. And most important of all – relax. Minimize stress, because it is considered the No. 1 cause of migraine.

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